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From Here to There

Think Tanky is proud to present its Partnerships that Produce Impact Series. In this series, we share articles and interviews with founders and CEOs who represent innovative companies and work that reimagines the American business model.

Think Tanky partners with social impact leaders to gain a deeper understanding of how these innovative companies are taking shape, shifting how customers shop, where products are sourced and, ultimately, how we can all help maximize the social work that is the heart and soul of these businesses.

Below is a list of clients working in non profit, startup or creative arenas.

Non Profits

gallagher group, llc

Global Investigative Journalist network

kor community land trust

news literacy

communications network

America Divided films


Beau Ram

Flok Consulting

Seven Peaks Ventures

sage labs, llc

Gather Nutrition

LISI Global


Amy is an asset to the social sector because of her command of language and knowledge of the industry. Her dedication, positivity, and go-getter attitude are valuable to nonprofits, big and small, looking for a little help. I recommend her wholeheartedly to any organization looking for comms support.
— Emma lister, communications network