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Verbally hustling for nonprofits and social impact businesses since 2012

There’s a lot of words out in the world now!

We just added 10 more right there. So many opportunities to READ more information…but is it always impactful, purposeful or meaningful?

Think Tanky believes in helping companies tell a better story. Meaningful + impactful information on social sites relevant to your business or non profit.

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Marketing - A Breakdown of Terms

Social Media

The world of social media is ever evolving, and we’re not just talking about social trends. With the increased pressure for companies to share what they do on social channels comes a need for clarifying your “why” and connect the dots across web and social outlets. In other words, everyone needs to be talking across platforms for clarity and consistency. That’s where Think Tanky comes in.

Content creation & web design

Telling the story on your website is the key to successful growth. How you get there (ie. which web platform) is up to you but Think Tanky has its favorites. Content creation for your site encompasses a larger responsibility as it’s the first place new customers see and it needs to be visually stunning and share your mission, vision and values clearly and concisely.

Films & Podcasts

The way people consume information is constantly in flux, and growing ever more difficult to grab folks’ attention. Defining your audience, market fit and then creating beautiful visuals to share across your social works great. Podcasts showcase a larger movement and the mission needs to be super clear to grab listeners and keep them coming back.

Marketing 101

Specializing in startup culture, companies have a lot to think about, let us help navigate those early stages - branding, tag lines, white papers, blogging, LOIs, grants and proposals - what have you! We love to write and tell stories - digitally.


The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires experience navigating. Think Tanky helps teams clarify their goals and discuss best practices for scaling, fundraising or just increasing social hits and building awareness.

Lighten up

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Let’s save that for the work that needs to be done. Quality and a commitment to excellence is at the core of Think Tanky’s work - but we can take a moment to laugh, too.


Storytelling is the single most powerful communications tool available to us, period. It is the process of using stories to communicate to people a meaning about how we live in this world.
— Andy goodman, The Goodman Center